Sketchin’!! – Bantha Cel

HEY KIDS! So I’ve been working on prize art for the Star Wars marathon. A poster will be printed as soon as the charity’s decided, but what about other auction art? The marathon’s a week long, after all! Thus, I’ve been working on some unique stuff for this show…

First, we have a bantha sketch! You know about banthas, right? The cute gigantic fuzzy monsters on Tatooine? People love those! The thing is, this is an okay sketch, but come on! This is the biggest marathon of the year! We got to do something new and different! So I present…


THE BANTHA ANIMATION CEL! Yes, this is made from an actual animation cel. It’s painted and everything! The background is printed and set behind the cel. I even framed it!

Close-up! Aww, bantha has red dot eyes ^___^

So, want to have this guy in your house? Better watch the marathon and bid on him! I’ll sign this if you want, but I’ll wait until a winner decides that. I have a rancor and a tauntaun in the works too, so I’ll show those when I’m done with them. YAY!

4 thoughts on “Sketchin’!! – Bantha Cel”

  1. Unique indeed! I almost thought the sketch was actually a viking’s head where the eyes are hidden behind the long hair. (Just a thought) because my daughter who loves to draw much saw it like that. – Ana

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