The Majora’s Mask Pack

What is it? – It’s a free pack we are releasing based on the response to a question we asked on Twitter: “What is your favorite game of all time?” The pack consists of two songs, and two wallpapers.


Where can I get it?

Why do this? – Because we love our community and we always want to give back to them for supporting us.


Can give this to other people? – Absolutely! It’s free, so spread the word! Just be sure to link back to us.


Who are the artists? Kylethedarkn did the song “Stone Tower Temple Remix” and Harper W. Harris did “Searching for Shikashi”. Artwork-wise, our very own Anatotitan did the Twinmold wallpaper, and her friend Zarla did the Majora’s Pond wallpaper.

12 thoughts on “The Majora’s Mask Pack”

  1. Wait a minute…the same Zarla that did the Move Your Dead Bones Flash animation? Mind = blown. I’ve loved that flash and song since I saw that flash forever ago. Small internet.

    Well I feel even more honored to be a part of this than before. Thanks to all my fellow collaborators and thanks to Local for organizing all of this. Hope everybody enjoys this! ๐Ÿ˜€

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