Video Review: Super Street Fighter IV 3D

Tired of silly on-screen controls to play Street Fighter IV on the go? Super Street Fighter IV 3D is here to help you! A year after the title’s release on the console, Super Street Fighter IV 3D brings the enhanced re-release to the Nintendo 3DS with exclusive features and, of course, 3D graphics!





  • It’s Super Street Fighter IV, but on your 3DS!
  • Touch screen controls make title more accessible
  • Character models almost identical to console versions
  • Impressive use of 3D effects



  • 3DS D-pad and Circle pad are both imprecise, making controls slightly unpredictable controls
  • Poor life-less background visuals
  • Not worth $39.99 for those already with the console version


Score: 8.5

Out of 10

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  1. Very nice video, the work you do with these is always great, in both adding your own flair to it and putting forth a well thought-out, informative review.

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