You Got Your Pokemon in my Happy Meal?

Remember growing up as a kid, and going to McDonalds or Burger King. To get all of those Pokemon toys. You and every other kid had to collect them all, no matter what.


So if you’re a sucker for Pokemon and you have to have all the toys or cards, you should definitely check this out. (The source provides pictures of the toys, can’t obtain an image if you can’t right-click)


Starting on June 17th and lasting until July 7th, McDonalds you and all your friends can relive your childhoods and buy Happy Meals for Pokemon.


I’ve always wanted my own Oshawott which I can remove it’s head because Snivy is just that cool. Then Snivy gets in the middle of a gang fight with Zorua and Zororak vs. Reshiram and Zekrom. Pikachu the police officer, with it’s illuminating cheeks comes and saves Snivy. Then putting the others in Pokeprison. Tepig was just in the car stuffing it’s face with donuts.


Now these toys aren’t just things that sit there. They actually do commands.


“Pikachu- Press on its tail and its cheeks light up
Reshiram- Moving arms and legs
Oshawott- Bobblehead figure
Zoroark- Moving arms and waist
Tepig- Press on its back to have its tail light up
Zekrom- Moving arms and wings
Snivy- Push it forward to move his head up and down
Zorua- Push down on its back and it pounces forward”


Now even though there isn’t an Emolga, I’ll suffice. If you want some cool new Pokemon items, go to McDonalds and get them plus the cards.


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