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E3 2011 EA Event

EA started their event big and kept it moving fast- with one blockbuster title after another and no fluff from random celebrities, as they made sure to note while making fun of an earlier event. With games like these in their arsenal, EA’s in for a huge year. Get an outline of the event after the jump.

  • Mass Effect 3 is showcased with a demo and trailer, with a release date of March 6th, 2012.
  • Need for Speed: The Run looks promising with the Frostbite 2 engine, and the interesting announcement that it will include both in car and on foot segments. Both were detailed in a trailer, where the on foot segments were contained to great looking cutscenes with quick time events.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic kept people from calling it vaporware by showing another trailer composed of scenes from old trailers but with new narration.
  • SSX returns with a new trailer showcasing three modes: Race It, Trick It, and Survive It.
  • FIFA 12 came with details of a new player impact engine and tighter controls for both offense and defense, as well as a new social service- EA Sports Football Club, which will be free.
  • Madden 12 followed with appearances from NFL pros, including the man on the cover, Peyton Hillis.
  • The Sims: Social went on stage once the players left, showcasing complete Facebook integration.
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was then shown from 38 Studios, looking to be a solid competitor in the Fantasy-Action RPG market.
  • Overstrike came next, a futuristic squad based shooter showcasing the humor and style of creator, Insomniac Studios.
  • Battlefield 3 was the big finale, showing off a social element similar to Call of Duty: Elite with the exception of one big difference- Battlefield’s is free. In addition to that announcement, a video was shown with the features of the Frostbite 2 engine and the realistic animations, audio and destruction from all angles and in all modes, as displayed in a multiplayer video. To further drive home the stunning visuals, a single player demo was showcased featuring tank combat and UAV airstrike designation, closing with an October 25th, 2011 release date.

Origin: Powered by EA

Also noteworthy was the Origin service promoted between each game, the rebranding of their EA Download Manager and online store. From their positioning, it appears that EA wants this service to be a direct competitor to Steam.

Stay tuned for any further updates, as we plan to keep updating throughout the week.

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