eShop to Include Free 3D Classic Excitebike and Pokédex 3D

Nintendo’s 3DS digital download service, the eShop, will be going live June 6th. But even if you don’t have any money to spare, there’ll be content for you starting day one. 3DS owners who access the  eShop will receive a free download of the 3D classics port of Excite Bike. Like the original, the title will feature a track editor, but this time the port will include the ability to save up to thirty two tracks.  The download is a limited offers, so 3DS owners would do well to download it as soon as possible.


Nintendo also announced that the service will be launching with some Pokémon software as well, Pokédex 3D. This Pokédex 3D will allow players to access information on the 150 new Pokémon in Pokémon Black and White. Players start with sixteen Pokémon unlocked. They will continue to unlock Pokémon through QR codes, Spot Pass and Street  Pass. The title also gives you a full 3D view of these Pokémon as well as the ability to place Pokémon into pictures via AR cards.  There’s no mention of a time limit on the free availability of this title.


Excitebike, like other enhanced 3D classics, will look like the original NES games with added depth, but NintendoWorldReport has screenshots for Pokédex 3D.

8 thoughts on “eShop to Include Free 3D Classic Excitebike and Pokédex 3D”

  1. Very exciting news!
    Love me some Excitebike!

    I was disappointed that Pokedex apps were being taken down off the Android Market, but since they’re actually going to be making a certified Pokedex I’m all for it!!

  2. i can finally take pictures of oshawotts swimming in my toilet, me eating a vanilite, and duck-hunting duckletts and swannas. Too bad they didn’t add in Gen 1-4 pokemon though

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