Four Swords DSiWare is the GBA Title

During Nintendo’s E3 conference they announced that, to celebrate this years 25th anniversary for Zelda, DSiWare would be receiving a Four Swords title, which would be priced at the all appealing amount of $0. Unfortunately, if you were expecting an all new adventure, you’re out of luck. According to Joystiq, the title has been confirmed to be the original Game Boy Advance Four Swords title.

Four Swords was originally bundled with the GBA port of A Link to the Past, allowing for four player action using link cables.  The DSiWare version would, most likely, work via local wi-fi. Nintendo hasn’t announced if any enhancements will be made to the title, like updated visuals or online gameplay. But it is hard to complain about something that’s free.

The title is set to launch this September.

5 thoughts on “Four Swords DSiWare is the GBA Title”

  1. Oh I loved the Four Swords game. But I only played it once or twice with my friends via link cable. Hopefully Wifi style will let me play with my friends without the worry of link cables.

    And hey it’s Freeee. I’ll take it. It’s a shame that this one isn’t a new adventure. Ah well, better than nothing I suppose.

  2. I thought this was made pretty clear in the conference? I heard lots of people thinking it was the GC one, but that’s called FS Adventures, not just Four Swords.

  3. well that’s ok, I never got to play FS on the GBA, so now I will finally get to play it. I wonder if it will work from DSi to ds via download play?

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