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Now, music makes a game. Music is a source of fascination, to unlock doors to our imagination. One man goes beyond that, and aims to combine his love of gaming to that of his love of music. Irishman Gavin Dunne, man behind MiracleOfSound, writes the lyrics and music as well as performs it himself for his own YouTube channel as well as the Escapist Magazine. He took some time out of his schedule to answer some questions.

Dagfari: When you were a kid, was going into music something that was always going to happen?

Gavin: Yep. Music is all I’ve ever wanted to do, and the only thing I’ve ever been good at doing. When I was a kid I used to jump around the front room to Guns N Roses with my hurley (it’s kind of like a hockey stick, used for the Irish sport of hurling) pretending I was Slash, or   singing along to my Michael Jackson LPs. Right through school and college all I ever wanted was to make music.

D: Is this your main job, or do you have a “normal” job?

G: I’m hoping to make this my job. That’s my plan for this year. I’ve been utterly terrible at every other job I’ve tried to do and gotten fired more than once… that’s all I’m going to say about that 😉

D: What game contains your favourite piece of music?

G: Oh so many…. Hanz Zimmer’s Modern Warfare 2 credits music is amazing, Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission music by Jack Wall blows me away every time, but probably my all time favourite is the main theme from God Of War 2. That was the first game I played where the music was up to big budget Hollywood blockbuster standards. That choir is just so brutal and powerful and emotive, I love it.

D: Who are your biggest inspirations, in both gaming in general and music?

G: I’m a huge fan of bands/artists that cover quite a wide range of styles or genres. Bowie, Iron Maiden, Devin Townsend, NIN… they’re some of my favourites. Devin Townsend is a true genius and you’re reading this and haven’t heard of him, go hunt his music down. it’s sublime.

My biggest inspirations in gaming are just any game with a story or atmosphere I feel connected to somehow. Our medium is a very rich source of inspiration and storytelling which not many people have tapped into yet.

D: Do you play all the instruments in your songs yourself?

G: Yes, I play everything, 99.9% of the time. There is going to be an exception or two to this rule soon, but I can’t give the surprise away yet!

D: Would you ever go into composing original soundtracks for game, if given the opportunity?

G: Absolutely! Show me the money! Ha. That would be a dream come true… I know some of my Youtube fans have been nagging Bioware to use my Commander Shepard song in some shape or form – in an add or easter egg or something.  Bioware, if you’re reading this then contact me, hehe

If you want to hear more of Gavin’s work, then follow him on his twitter or go onto his YouTube to hear more examples of his work, as well as ways to buy them for yourself.

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  1. Oh man. I had no idea this song was from Dunne when I was first shown it. XD
    I’m honestly impressed by the work. Thanks for the interview; I’ll go look up some more of his stuff.

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