Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles Review

Looking for an interesting puzzle game? Well you’ve come to the right place. Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles is a puzzle game for Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable by Open Emotion Studios. It’s of the likes of classics such as Tetris, but throws a new twist into the mix.


Fluzzles are these small fluffy creatures who enjoy shape morphing, but are being threatened by the evil Mokes polluting their homeland, Machu Popyu. Summoning the power of the Great Buhmba, the Fluzzles attempt to restore the balance in nature.


Mad Blocker Alpha
resembles a combination of Tetris and Columns. It has dropping blocks as Tetris does, and the ability to change which colors are in the block clusters, like Columns. Playing Mad Blocker at first is a bit odd and the controls seem a little weird. The blocks in the game lay horizontal. A lot of puzzle games I’ve played had the ability to flip and change the blocks around. The controls are pretty basic. The D-pad serves as moving the blocks around. X is used for a slightly faster drop rate, and L and R are used to switch the colors around.

The object of the game is to create clusters of 4 or more blocks the same color, while gaining score and completing an objective. The game contains three different modes, Story Mode, Endless Mode and Tower Mode.

Story mode puts you though a bunch of stages starting out easy and getting much harder by completing objectives. It’s pretty basic and straight forward. If you fail an objective you are taken to the game over screen, and have the option to try again. Once you beat the Story Mode, well, that’s it. You have the option to go back and replay the levels for practice. Near the end of the Story Mode, the game got pretty hard. It reminded me a little of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine in a difficulty aspect.

If you haven’t had enough of Mad Blocker Alpha yet, there are still two more modes.

Endless Mode is Mad Blockers survival game. You play until you fail. Pretty simple right? This mode features five difficulty settings and a speed setting. So if you find the game being too easy, you can step it up a notch. There’s a high score list of presets, you can beat them or come back and beat your own scores to see if you’ve improved your skill.

Then there’s Tower Mode, which is basically, the complete opposite. Tower Mode wants the player to basically build towers to the top of the grid to increase your level by one. In this case, the level is your score. The catch is, you have to stay above a certain line otherwise you fail. The harder the difficulty, the harder it is to create a tower. In this specific mode, the higher the difficulty the less colors you have. Less colors means the better chance of creating clusters. While you can sit back on beginner mode and hold X to let the towers create themselves, levels such as hard or insane require more tactics to create them.

Each game mode supports the power-ups. Power-ups destroy blocks in certain types of ways. Such as, eliminating a specific color, or destroying an entire row. Power-ups are determined by a slot machine on the right area of the screen. To obtain a roll on the machine, you must create at least one chain. Creating a chain requires eight or more Fluzzles. A common chain might contain four reds and four blues at the same time. The power-ups become more useful in the harder stages in Story Mode or Endless Mode.


It’s not the most visually heavy game, but for a Mini title, Mad Blocker Alpha has some pretty great visuals. The story is told through the stunning hand drawn scenes. To back up the great visuals and the interesting game play is the music. Most levels in the Story Mode, the music changes throughout most of them. I really enjoyed the music, but sometimes I’d spend a nice little chunk of time on a level thus the music sometimes grew repetitive. The changes in the music would reflect what kind of objective you’d have, such as, upbeat music for the timed stages.


If you enjoy puzzle games, and own one of the above mentioned Sony consoles. I’d recommend picking it up. It might not be on par with classics like Tetris, Columns or even Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine, but Mad Blocker Alpha throws a new twist, to these old games. Pick yours up for the low price of $3.99 on Playstation Network.

Score: 7.5

out of 10



  • Interesting game play
  • Great visuals


  • Repetitive music
  • Clunky controls

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