New 3DS Color, Pokémon Game

A new 3DS color will be reaching Japan on July 14th, Flare Red.
It’ll be joining the ranks of the classic muscle car-esque paint job of the Aqua Blue and suave, classy look of Cosmo Black. As with it’s bretheren, this color sports the tri-tonal appearance although it blends together better if you ask me.

Now if only it were red and white to match the tone of this next story- a Pokémon Rumble sequel has been announced for the 3DS.Titled Super Pokémon Scramble(Rumble for everywhere but Japan), it’ll let you continue collecting and battling pocket monster wind up toys just like in the WiiWare hit but with the inclusion of Pokémon from Generation V, otherwise known as Black and White versions.

Also new to the series is the introduction of Spot Pass support for features yet unannounced, and multiplayer battles via Wi-Fi Connection. It’s hitting Japanese shelves July 28th, with neither this nor the Flare Red 3DS being confirmed for international release.

(Source: Eurogamer)

9 thoughts on “New 3DS Color, Pokémon Game”

  1. Oh snap, Red 3DS! I hope this means they’re getting close to releasing the purple 3DS, which is what I’m wanting to get. Although the red color looks rad in so many ways. x3

    1. This is why I never buy consoles right after they’re released. 😛 It still seems like an improved version or price drop always comes out shortly after I get mine though.

      That red 3DS looks pretty sweet though. If I ever get one, I’ll probably go with that one.

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