Pikmin 3 Moved to Wii U

It seems like forever since we heard that Pikmin 3 was confirmed to be in development. And while the title was originally intended for the Nintendo Wii, Miyamoto revealed during their E3 round table this year that the title has been moved to Wii U. While he doesn’t give any specifics, he does say that the title isn’t as far off as we might think.  He feels the HD graphics and screen controller are perfect for the title.

It sounds like the title could be a potential launch title, but I wouldn’t count on it until we get closer to launch. Apparently the title wasn’t intended to be mentioned at the round table, but Miyamoto felt like announcing it. And he is Miyamoto, so he can do whatever he wants.


(Source: IGN)

10 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Moved to Wii U”

  1. This could be great! I’m kinda annoyed that it’s gonna be so long before it’s out though… with the massive gap since they told us, it should have been on wii, and then they should be announcing pikmin 4 on wii u… but that’s just my opinion, seeing as I’m mad about pikmin =3

  2. I can just tell Pikmin 3 will looks amazing with the HD graphics. I understand that’s not everything but it will look great especially since Pikmin 2 looked pretty awesome on Gamecube. And like a few others said the new controller can be interesting with the game.

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