Pre-E3 Trailer Explosive Round-Up Extravaganza Yee-Haw

I noticed a whole lot of trailer came out this week for games that may not have huge followings on the site, but still should atleast have small ones. So in preperation for Monday I have decided to round them up in this convieniant news post. If any new trailers come out that don’t exactly warrant their own post I will place them in here after the fact. Enjoy these trailers after the jump.

Tomb Raider


I really like the new look for Lara Croft in this and the idea that the game may be less about being a sexy grave robber and more about surviving a dangerous situation. I look forward to perhaps seeing this reboot of the popular franchise in action at E3 this year. I hope they can take some tips from Uncharted while still differentiating themselves enough.

Darksiders 2


Darksiders did the world a whole lot of good by bringing the Zelda formula to a darker place. Darksiders 2 is supposed to pick up right after Darksiders 1 but this time you will be playing War’s brother Death. They also seem to be adding a whole lot more to the Zelda formula that they used for the first game. According to Gameinformer there will be some form of loot added to the game. There is some gameplay in the trailer, but I hope we get to see a larger chunk of the game at E3.

Prey 2


I have absolutely no idea what the connection between this game and the first Prey is, because the first Prey was a very straight forward FPS. The bits of information from previews we have are that Prey 2 is a first-person, open-world, bounty-hunting game. You hunt bounties, get money, and spend that money on gadgets and weaponry to hunt more bounties. I am sure it will have an overarching plot to tie it all together, but it seems like a neat idea. Sadly the trailer was all CG, but if the gameplay even resembles what they show there then this is sure to be an interesting game.

Soul Calibur V


To be completely honest I don’t really like Soul Calibur so I don’t have the keenest eye for the changes they are making in five. The only thing I can tell is that it looks like there may be some type of super move, and that dudes are fighting other dudes with blades. If you have a better eye for Soul Calibur please give a better take in the comments below.

Dark Souls


Dark Souls is the successor to the PS3 sleeper hit Demon’s Souls. Demon’s Souls was lauded for it’s old school mentality, and very unique and eerie dark fantasy environments. This successor looks to be no different showing off plently of huge enemies, crazy traps, and medieval looking fortresses.



I might get mauled for saying this, but I think this XCOM reboot looks pretty cool. I know and have played a few of the original XCOM games and they were tons of fun, but in this day and age a strategy game of that magnitude doesen’t make any sense. It still looks like they are trying to infuse some strategy into this FPS game anyway. Last E3 we heard rumblings of it being broken into missions you can select with different rewards such as alien technology or some good reputation with the American citizens. Of course you can’t do all of these missions so you have to pick and choose what you need most. There also looks to be some squad tactics in the action as well so it could be a pretty neat game in its own right.





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