QotW: Change or Leave Classics with Remakes

After successfully already not being weekly, we ask another question of the week! It is the quesiton of this week. Not a question every week. Ho-ho! Dodged a bullet there.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D will be coming out within a few hours. If you’re lucky enough, or live in Europe, you already have your copy. Aside from a some minor changes, and of course the new controls schemes and make over, the title stays pretty true to the original. Our question is, do you want your remakes to change, or take a more open look at the title, adding in new content and possibly re-imagining entire mechanics?

Speaketh in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “QotW: Change or Leave Classics with Remakes”

  1. For myself, if I’m going to be buying a title that’s remade, especially if I bought the original version, I like the game to have some extra content, but to stay true to the original game. In the case of Zelda, though, I think the 3D, polish, and bonus of it being portable are enough to have me get it again.

  2. The way they did Zelda 3D, I would love to have games made like that. I would also love to see Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie make a return to Nintendo.

    1. That’s pretty unlikely considering the situation with Rare. I am one of the few that liked Nuts and Bolts. As far as remakes go I like when they do them as long as they keep the original design pretty much intact. I don’t like when they do the Twin Snakes thing and add gameplay mechanics that weren’t present in the original. The Resident Evil remakes added a few things but nothing that fundamentally changed the way the game played so I liked those. I also like it when they do the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories thing of completly taking it in a new direction. Really I am for either extreme, but I don’t like the middle.

  3. Rethink concepts and all that jazz. Changing a game from it’s original form isn’t inherently a bad thing, it’s just a lot easier to screw up that way.

  4. I can argue either way. I liked the Chrono Trigger DS remake because if you ignored the new dungeons, it’s exactly the same game. The new dungeons added some nice places to level grind, bonuses for your core three characters, and filled in some gaps in equipment. But at the same time I dislike the GBA version of Final Fantasy 1 because it screwed with the formula too much. In the original the spells themselves determined how much damage they did. So using items on a Fighter wasn’t a bad move as the damage was set. In the GBA version they ‘fixed a bug’ so it scaled with Int. Down side: using magic casting items on melee types was wasted. Upside: Black Wizard did crazy healing with the Healing gloves.

    So I like to see the same core game, but if you’re expecting me to buy it again you better make it worth my while.

  5. i think they should do remakes of classic video games a couple of titles i would like to see remade is ogre battle 64 harvest moon 64 mystical ninja staring Goemon 64 plus others know of course there is a downfall to all of these being remade we would have to forgot about the old controls and learn new ones but hey i guess that price we will all have to pay

    1. Man, if I ever see a mystical ninja game hit the states I will **** my pants. Mystical ninja is one of my favorite game franchises but sadly its EXTREMELY under rated and they never make it out of japan. “sigh” gotta play them in Japanese and have no idea what the heck there saying.

  6. Personally, I don’t like the 3DS remakes in general, because the prospect of shelling out $200+ for a 3DS plus another $50 or 60 for each game for playing Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, and Super Monkey Ball in 3D doesn’t really appeal to me, especially since I own all of those games in 2D. So changes to the games, I think would be better.

  7. Depends on the game. Pokémon HGSS fixed some crucial flaws that would be unacceptable in a modern Pokémon game, whereas titles like FF6 Advance and Chrono Trigger DS took the right path by staying pretty true to the originals, while fixing most bugs and adding some endgame content.

    OoT? I think what they did was just fine, because we’re talking about a game that didn’t have many glaring flaws to begin with. Except the Water Temple, which they sort of tried to make manageable without disfiguring it.

    1. Yeah, I’ll have to agree with this. If it’s got obvious flaws, I do think remakes/ports should fix them, but overall, I want the game to be as close to the original as possible. Postgame content is fine since it’s optional to play, but I don’t really care for remakes that just completely overhaul the original gameplay(i.e. Lufia: Curse of the Sinistral) or story.

  8. I already gave my opinion in the forum topic regarding OoT3D, but I can restate it here for a broader market.
    My problem with remakes like these is the company behind them. Chrono Trigger DS was a perfect remake, since it added new content while staying true to the original. Square Enix came out saying it would be the same game but with added content. (Forget about the PSX version, though; the load times on that made everyone who played it angry. Want to change your equipment before you walk into a battle? Minute of load time in between going into and out of the menu, followed by fifteen seconds of loading to get into and then out of the battle).

    Ocarina of Time, on the other hand, had press releases stating they would add definitive new content to keep the experience new for old fans and new gamers alike. I didn’t care if it was in post-game super-dungeons (like the Pit of Trials or Cave of Ordeals or the Hero’s Caves or whatever from previous games) or some sort of shiny baubles to collect for a new item that’s only marginally useful (Hero’s Mask, for instance). Instead, we’re given a mirror mode version of the Master Quest, which had already seen release in America via a free disc that came with preorders of Wind Waker, a boss rush, gyroscopic aim mechanics (I already have severe problems with LoZ:TP Wii’s aim mechanics as it stands), and a Super Guide.
    What in there is made for old fans? Old fans would already have finagled a copy of the GCN release for OoTMQ and they hardly need a Super Guide if you don’t change anything.
    What I was -hoping- for were some crafty puzzles in a super dungeon that made use of the capabilities of the 3DS in new, interesting ways.

    Really, my problem isn’t that they’re re-releasing it again. They’re a company, and consumers feed on their product like it was a drug.
    My problem is that Nintendo isn’t normally one to directly contradict themselves like this, and it certainly puts me off as a consumer to watch a company openly lie to my face like that.

    1. Well im a really hardcore Zelda fan and im really happy with the results to the 3ds version. The new graphics is enough for me to pick it up automatically. The master quest does add new element like the “mirror mode’, but the main thing for me is that the enemies deal more damage in this version, which makes me happy because it makes a 3 heart run even more difficult! Also I really like the new boss mode. When I was a kid I always loved to fight bongo bongo but it was to far into the game, now I can fight him whenever!

      But thats just my opinion, I love zelda andI would get the game even if it was a straight port of the original. However, I do agree that it could use a little more content like an extra dungeon, similar to The Color Dungeon in DX.

  9. I think if a company wants to remake and re-release a game they should take the time to add all of the things they didn’t have time to add when they released the original game.

  10. I think it’d be cool if they did both. Basically, the company makes some sort of ‘plus’ version that includes the original game just as it was back in the day AND a newer version, possibly with remade dungeons and some extra things added in. The only tricky part would be finding that balance between the plus version being just a tweak of the original and an entirely new game.

  11. I like me remakes to remain true to the title, while adding some new stuff, up-to-dating it so to speak, and remixing the songs really well. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are perfect examples of this.

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