QotW: Nintendo 3DS Three Months Later

Nintendo 3DS! It may not feel like it, but it is already three months old. Hopefully for those of you who have picked the platform up, you’re all settled in feeling nice and cozy with your Nintendo 3DS.

This week we have three questions. One, for you 3DS owners, how are you feeling about the platform so far? How much mileage have you got out of it and how do you feel about the early software library? And two, for those who don’t have a 3DS, what’s your position on the platform now? Is it anymore appealing than it was three months ago? And for both groups, how do you feel about the 3DS over the next six months? Is there enough software to get you excited over the platform?

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17 thoughts on “QotW: Nintendo 3DS Three Months Later”

  1. As someone who owns a 3DS, I feel that I use it much. But, I must recognize this is often not for 3DS games, but a DS library I came into possession of shortly before its release. I only own SSFIV and, now, the Ocarina of Time remake for the platform truly. Still, I also find it a useful thing to have with me- I think the StreetPass functionality of passing Miis between systems is fun, the pedometer does give you a slight incentive to carry it around and actually WALK (of all things!), and I actually use the Game Notes feature often for a notepad. Further, all the fun little toys like Face Raiders and such are always worth a laugh with some friends or people who haven’t seen the console.
    As for the next six months, though I haven’t paid much attention to the release calendar for them, many of the games shown at E3 do have me very excited for the 3DS, such as Star Fox, Super Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2, the new Mario Kart, Snake Eater 3D, Kid Icarus (which surprises myself, that I’m looking forward to that), and probably the most far-flung, the new Smash Brothers (if I’m remembering that right? Wasn’t there to be some kind of connectivity between a WiiU and 3DS Smash Bros? Could be remembering that wrong). Though I’m sure some of those will end up beyond six months out, they’re plenty to have me content with my 3DS. And further, as was the case for many games on the DS, I hope developers will stand up and take a chance on new, innovative games, as was the case for series such as Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Trauma Center, and so on. Hopefully, we have similar luck with this platform, once the typical deluge of Ubisoft tech-demo games dies out.
    Oh, and if Capcom doesn’t localize Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton for the 3DS I will cry. Bitter, bitter tears.

    1. I’m pretty sure they will localize Professor Layton Vs. Phoenx Wright… but if they dont i will cry with you. I dont have a 3ds yet because i have no money, owever my parents said they would buy me one for my birthday or chirstmas (most likely christmas)

  2. I do own a 3DS. For the past 3 months, I have gotten enough use out of it to make the purchase worth it, however until OoT 3D comes in the mail, I won’t have used it for the 3DS games. I bought SSFIV and played it for a couple days and got bored. After that, I played my DS games a lot getting good use out of the analog stick for games like Kingdom Hearts Days. I’m ready to get Ocarina of Time to play a game fully in 3D. I really am. Link’s Awakening, which I have from the VC, has been loads of fun, but I’m ready for a 3DS game.

    That being said. I’m so excited for the Holiday lineup, and the 2012 lineup. From Super Mario, to Paper mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Starfox 3D, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, and more. It was disappointing that Nintendo didn’t push out a good First Party game at launch, but oh well.

    1. Yeah, I had to send mine in from the bottom screen scratching up the top screen, so I was without my 3DS for awhile.

      All I need to say for me, personally, is Street Pass. That’s been enough to keep the platform going for me. still on my 2nd run of the quest and finishing up my third puzzle.

  3. Three games exclusively for the 3DS so far – Rayman (Ugh), Ridge Racer (Yay!) and Ocarina of Time (Not revealing feelings yet)

    I still feel like getting this at launch was a good buy, and don’t regret it

  4. Recently bought Continuum Shift II for the 3DS. I don’t see why people think there’s so little games on the platform. I already have a total of…. 5


    I’m satisfied, though.

  5. I love my 3DS. I have had it for about a month now and it is really nice. i needed a new DS though too as my original DS was going bad, the top screen was going yellow and a hinge broke also the left trigger barley worked. I love the pedometer as it gives me an incentive to go and be active, or at least run in place at 11:30 pm. I bought SSFIV with my 3DS and I liked how they used the #D, it made it feel natural. I love the 3D camera on there. I have taken two really cool photos so far. And the sounds/music option is cool as you can have some little sub games playing in the background, the only thing that would make it better is if they let you play your music whenever you wanted (i.e. during another game). Faceraiders was a fun game to get me into the groove of the new 3D. The eShop is lacking so far, but then again they just launched it not to long ago. The StreetPass thing is really awesome too. I haven’t ever regretted the fact that I bought this nor will I ever. I am excited to see what they will do with it in the the future and with what I’ve seen that they will be coming out with I know I will be very happy.

    -Sorry for the long post XD

  6. I’ve had it since launch. Got over 400,000 steps with it so far, since I take it with me nearly everywhere I go.

    Definitely worth the price so far, though I would appreciate more titles out already.
    I own SSFF3D, Ghost Recon, Pilot Wings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Ocarina of Time.

  7. Three months down what do I think? I think I made a great choice, like other posters I have been using it for my already huge DS Library and my newly accumulated 3DS library.

    Although I must admit the 3D was not my main buying point and the part about a “Sweet Spot” didn’t appeal to me either because the second I turned on the system for the very first time I had to adjust myself and stay in that position so I didn’t get double vision gaming. So my solution is to just turn off the 3D, save for when I actually wanna see how a new game looks.

    The games so far have been great to ok, Dead or alive wasn’t bad, Madden was great but they aren’t making a Madden 12 which sucks then we have Legend of Zelda, which I never actually played so I am having a lot of fun with that. Then there is future games, Star fox, SSB, Resident Evil, Super Mario/Kart and lets not forget this is just info they mostly put out before launch; stuff we already knew is coming, they still have the 6th generation of Pokemon, or 3rd version of Black and White or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in their pockets.

    And I never mentioned the great idea that is e-Shop, Zelda, again; never played; probably will enjoy it, a Sonic game from the GG that I had and loved and it went missing so I’m gonna buy it again. Hopefully they’ll put the rest of the DSi games on there so I can port the rest of the games I bought onto my 3DS otherwise it doesn’t matter.

    Do I think I made the right decision in buying a 3DS? Answer being “OMG YES”

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention, I did notice the screen getting a little messed up when I opened the system after a while of it being closed which was why I got a screen protector for it and overall it hasn’t given me much trouble

  8. I don’t own one yet, but my opinion of the 3DS hasn’t changed much over the past three months. I think it definitely shows promise for the future, but as of now, there just aren’t enough titles I’m interested in to make me buy it. I generally try to avoid buying systems unless there are at least enough games I want to equal the price I paid for it, which isn’t the case yet. The only exceptions to this “rule” are new Zelda games (not remakes), or the highly unlikely release of anything Mother related.

  9. There are currently 3 games I’m interested for the 3DS

    Blazblue: Continuum Shift II 3DS, Which I already own the PS3 version of (minus the II 3DS part)

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, which considering Atlus’s track record won’t be released over here (I guess I could import… OH WAIT!)

    And Finally Tales of the Abyss, kinda sad that the only games I’m even remotely interested in are ports (At least TotA is finally coming to the UK).

  10. I haven’t gotten one yet. I’ve played a Demo at my local GameStop and I was amazed by the great 3D effects. I’m mostly waiting for good games to come out like SSB, Mario Kart, Super Mario, Kid Icarus, ect. and of course ’til I have enough saved up money (or birthday). Speaking of which, how much is the 3DS again?

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