Sony Conference E3 2011

Sony is one of the biggest names in gaming holding some of the most critically acclaimed franchises on the market today. Uncharted, Infamous, and Resistance are just the tip of the iceberg. Sony has unvieled their new handhelds name and price along with some very cool looking games and ways to connect it to your PS3. You can check out a full bulleted list of the new announcements from Sony this year. I would love to be snarky, but I have to tell you there is very little to be snarky about.

  • Sony kicked it off with a superb Uncharted 3 demo showcasing a battle in a sinking ship. Uncharted 3 is still set to release 11/1/11.
  • After the demo they announced that the Multiplayer Beta will start on June 28th and that they are planning a promotion with subway in October giving out access to the full multiplayer early.
  • Following the Uncharted 3 news was a single-player demo of Resistance 3
  • The big news here is that they will be launching a Sharpshooter bundle for $149.99 that includes all the move stuff, a sharpshooter, and Resistance 3.
  • Sony also announced that they are releasing both of the PSP God of War games in a PS3 bundle with HD and 3D along side the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD-3D pack in September
  • Sony then announced a Playstation branded 3D TV with some cheaper 3D glasses
  • The TV will cost $499.99 with Glasses and a copy of Resistance 3. Any additional glasses will run you $69.99
  • The most interesting feature is using the polorized 3D to display 2 different 2D images to people making local multiplayer work without splitscreen
  • NBA 2K12 will be Move compatible
  • inFamous 2‘s creation tools will allow you to develop for the Move as will Little Big Planet 2‘s in the near future.
  • They also announced a new first person action adventure game specifically made for Move called Medieval: Deadman’s Quest
  • Starhawk the multiplayer shooter from the creators of Warhawk will be coming in early 2012
  • There will also be a new Sly Cooper game coming in 2012
  • CCP creators of EVE Online have announced their shooter Dust 514 set in the same universe will be a PS3 exclusive
  • Dust 514 is a persistance FPS that will be somehow connected with the persistant world of EVE Online as well. Expect a closed beta before the end of the year and a full release in Spring 2012.
  • Bioshock: Infinite will also be Move compatible
  • The new Startrek co-op shooter will have move compatibility alongside a Phaser peripheral and an exclusive prequel game on PSN
  • EA is offering up some exclusive content for Sony as well. SSX will feature an exclusive race down Mt.Fuji, Battlefield 3 will come with Battlefield 1943 on the disc, and Need For Speed: The Run will come with 7 exclusive super cars.
  • The NGP is offically called the PSVita (pronounced veeta) and AT&T is the exclusive provider of 3G.
  • Sony showed a demo of the optional PSVita based controls in Uncharted: Golden Abyss an exclusive Uncharted game for the PSvita.
  • Sony then showed a demo of a topdown action RPG named Ruin where you invade other players dungeons that are based on how strong they are. This game will have a PS3 version that you can transfer your save to and from.
  • Modnation Racers will also be making an appearance and the creation tools can be controlled completely using touch.
  • All of the creations available in the PS3 version are available in this version on day one.
  • Little Big Planet is also going to be on the PSVita and it will be making use of all of the features on the PSVita.
  • Wipeout 2048 will be on both the PS3 and the PSVita and will feature crossplay between the two platforms.
  • Streetfighter X Tekken is also in development for the PSVita and will feature Cole from inFamous as an exclusive character.
  • The device will be available this holiday season and the wi-fi model is being priced at $249.99 while the 3G model is $299.99.

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