Star Wars Marathon July 8-15

Our annual week long marathon is nearly here. This year we will be playing through the Star Wars series from July 8-15. We have chosen Direct Relief International to game for. After one of the worst tornado seasons in history, we wanted to do our part in helping recover from the numerous disasters that occurred this year. Our goal is to raise $30,000 which would put us over $300,000 total for our 3 year existence.

It’s hard to wrap my head around just how many games we are playing this year. Unlike our last marathon (Metroid) and many of our other previous events, there is less of an emphasis on “speed”. We have 168 hours to fill and getting that many people to volunteer let alone be at the top of their game is difficult. The runs will of course be fun and our commentary highly interactive and enjoyable.

You can of course watch all of our runs here on along with our video commentary.

Be sure to be there at the start, we’ve got a special intro much like our last Mother marathon.

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    1. to reach a reasonable goal first, if we started at 50,000 then the goal might be out of reach. I think 30,000 is great start for a week long. If we hit that goal first then i believe raising the goal would happen.

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