Team Fortress 2: The Finalists

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come.

The finalists for the previously mentioned Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Awards have been announced, and thanks to you my video, The BLU Danube, has been nominated in 2 categories: Funniest Replay and Most Extreme Stunt.

So here I am, shamelessly plugging my own video in hope that I can wrangle (lol) a few more votes! Of course I don’t care if you vote for another video, it’s allll up to the viewer, but hey, why not post this up where I can right?

For those who haven’t seen my entry, here it is:

To vote for this magnificent piece of cinematography, CLICK HERE!

In order to vote you must own a copy of Team Fortress 2, which I might add, is now only $10.00 on Steam. Keep an eye out for sales though, because as I mentioned before there seems to be a massive update incoming and TF2 almost always goes on sale…

The competition that promises (internet) FAME and (virtual) GLORY to its winners is set to close voting at 11am PST on Monday.


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