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Without going into too much detail, let me try to frame wtf I’m posting. Go onto DeviantArt and search for “sparkledog.” Now scream as your eyes melt from a million and one horrible color combinations! But what IS a “sparkledog?”

See, many years ago, a clique of fangirls who drew Balto-esque dogs appeared on the internet. Hey, that’s no big deal, right? Well the problem was, they were VERY concerned with copyright infringement. And I don’t mean the actual workings of real copyright law. I mean if they drew a purple dog with white markings, they would go ballistic if they saw anyone else drawing a purple dog with white markings.  Because see, that’s clearly infringing of their copyrights, and it was “art theft,” and… stuff. And when you get that goofy over an insane definition “theft,” you start going out of your way to prove how “unique” and “creative” you are. So these types of fangirls kept adding crazier markings and accessories to their dog characters, usually to horrible effect. People called them “sparkledogs” as a joke, but the name stuck.

An offshoot of sparkledogdom is the “wolf comic,” which is rather popular on DA right now. A wolf comic typically stars Balto-esque wolves and has a plot about “PACK LOYALTY AND BETRAYAL AND WOLF POLITICS AND WARRING CLANS AND–” blah blah blah. Usually the dialogue is just walls of text and virtually all the characters are one-dimensional and interchangeable, with only their markings to distinguish them. A “wolf comic” can actually star any species, but for some reason they’re still about clans or packs or whatever. It’s very weird.

Due to various circumstances, people have asked me what they can do to improve their wolf comics or their comics in general. So I made this handy comic to explain a few things! This comic isn’t meant to be an example of what to do, though. Rather, it’s meant to show what NOT to do. The characters are unlikable, the pacing is horrible, the layout includes way too much blablabla’ing… the list goes on. So please enjoy (or not!) this hideous, confusing mess of a “plot!”


THE WHOLE THING IS HERE though I really wish DA would let you just click from one page to the next 8( WILL I BE SUED? WE’LL SEE I GUESS!


Incidentally, you find these people everywhere. They’ll go berserk if you use their art in an ICON for crying out loud! As for me, I feel honored any time someone uses my art for stuff like that. Especially if they draw my characters, because that makes me flail with glee like an idiot. Yeah, a link back to TSG would be nice, but there’s no reason to freak out all over people. Can you imagine what some kid would think of TSG if I yelled and screamed at them for using my art in their sig? MORAL OF THE STORY IS: DON’T YELL AT PEOPLE FOR LIKING YOUR STUFF.

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      … hey I think we’ve found a much more efficient way to raise money!

  1. I’m tempted to favourite every one of those pages. Also by the way Ana, if you search Sparklewolves on Deviantart the whole first page is your comic, you’re DEFINITELY gonna get sued now!

  2. Dear Ana,

    Your ranting and-uh ravings amused-id me. I <3 this kind o' stuff. I wish to see more rants and whatnot. There doesn't have to be pictures, but pictures make everythang bettah (take that crime and punishment and war and piece err peaces).
    Thank you for reading this letter written by a five year old in a twenty year old's body,

    Now Dear santa,
    I want a pony and a unico- wait I'm not suppose to be putting this here, woopsie

    Idiocy aside, I can see where this whole fad be going. Inform me about other things I should avoid on devies-arties.

  3. Ana? ya now what? people are insane. EVERYONE is insane, but some people are more insane than others. the people who draw “Sperkael doogs” brake the Crazy Meter.

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