World of Warcraft Free Until Level 20

Blizzard has joined the many other games that have been changing their business models in recent months in a bid to entice more players to their juggernaut of an MMO.

Instead of the standard fourteen days and your done, they have put in a level cap for non-paying players at level 20. This also comes with a restriction on how much gold that can be amassed (10), trade skills will be kept at 100 and trading is pretty much impossible, all of which I assume is to stop gold farming.

With reports coming in about Blizzard losing subscribers, as well as The Old Republic on the horizon, this could be the first step in a fully free WoW, but that’s years from happening, if that is the case. Blizzard have already made an estimated $1 billion, at minimum – will be interesting to see if other games follow suit.

(Source: Gamespot )

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