All Star Wars Animation Cels

Ok so, remember when I said we’d be auctioning off Star Wars cels? Well I finally finished them all! Each one will be auctioned off, one per night… except for on Tuesday.  Want to see all the cels and find out what days you can get them? Read on!

Friday, July 8th – Rancor

Saturday, July 9th – Tauntaun

Sunday, July 10th – Bantha

Monday, July 11th – Wickett (Ewok)

Wednesday, July 13th – Jabba the Hutt

Thursday, July 14th – Admiral Ackbar

Friday, July 15th – Yoda


Sorry about the shoddiness of some of these photos, but hopefully you get the idea. The cels will already be framed and set on their respective backgrounds. Also I must note that these cels are VERY FRAGILE. If you plan on removing the cel from its frame, be super-careful, as these things can be bent and ruined very easily. But anyway, I hope these all go to a loving home! Also if you want to see a sock puppet recite this same information in a horrible accent, check out the accompanying video!

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          1. The lighting makes it very hard to see, but it’s near the base of the huge tree in the back. It’s a little more obvious in person!

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