CyberConnect2 Would Love to Finish Mega Man Legends 3

CyberConnect2 expressed some interest in working on Mega Man Legends 3 and with the recent cancellation perhaps they could foot the development. If what Capcom is really worried about is the risk of the game not selling than this could be the answer to their problem.

They already have a relationship as the publisher of CyberConnect2’s upcoming Asura’s Wrath and CyberConnect2’s work on Solatorobo and Tail Concerto shows that they can make a cool, light-hearted action RPG. I really couldn’t think of anyone better to work on the game, but really it’s all up to Capcom.

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9 thoughts on “CyberConnect2 Would Love to Finish Mega Man Legends 3”

  1. hmm.. I dunno if Capcom will do that. I mean, they (the official European Twitter) did say that it was the “lack of fan interaction” this game wasn’t getting released.

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