Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Cutscenes Fully Controllable

Those who have been following Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s development will have heard that you can control characters during a live cutscene. Versus is going one step further, and is letting you control characters during every single cutscene, including the pre-rendered scenes, according to Tetsuya Nomura.

All the pre-rendered scenes, the ones with the movie-esque quality – think the scene from Bevelle in FFX when they are sliding down from the airship, that kind of pre-rendered – will be rendered in real time, giving players the opportunity to move and do things during the cutscene. Nomura  made his intentions clear during the interview with Famitsu – he wants the player to never stop feeling like they are playing.

Other revelations include that this game is unlike the usual Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Type-o and Kingdom Hearts, with battles changing on a player’s actions. While no release date was given, Nomura stated he had a time-frame in mind.

(Source: siliconera )

6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Cutscenes Fully Controllable”

    1. I’d say we’re still a generation away from that – if the rumoured PS4 and Xbox 720 are in the works, that’s when we’ll see the demise of Pre-Rendered.

      1. Maybe, but I feel that MGS4 worked really well without pre rendered, made everything flow so smoothly.
        That and when I played FFXIII the opening looked really nice, but as soon as I saw the in game graphics they looked really bad by comparison, when they probably would have been very good otherwise.

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