Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Announced For 360/PS3

Yep, the next HD remake has come in the shape of Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, announced by Activision to be released in Fall/Autumn 2011.

It’s the Wii remake, however it’s been given a new engine to power up the HD visuals, as well as a brand  new mode called “Mi6 Ops Missions” that sees the player undergo various missions with either Assault, Defence, Elimination and tealth-based objectives. If that wasn’t enough, four-player split-screen is also available as well as sixteen player online.

While it does seem a bit early to be releasing this soon after it was released for the Wii, would it not have been prudent to release it as the same time as the Wii game, allowing for everyone to play?

(Source: destructoid )

3 thoughts on “Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Announced For 360/PS3”

  1. It’s also 60 Frames Per Second and Move Sharpshooter compatible, supports 4 way split screen and 16 player online multiplayer and has extra Mi6 Ops Missions(challenge mode a la Spec Ops)- according to internal documents I got my mitts on today…

  2. I want to pick this up. I was put off the Goldeneye Wiimake because I hate playing any shooters on the Wii, But seeing as this is comign to PS3 it is a definite pick up for me

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