Mega Man Legends 3 Officially Cancelled

In Capcom’s most recent attempt to alienate their fan base (See: Devil May Cry Reboot, Not localising Ace Attorney Investigations 2 or Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton and not allowing Yoshinori Ono to make Dsrkstalkers 4), They have decided to cancel both the prototype version of Mega Man Legends 3 but also the full game. Mega Man Legends 3 was supposed to be a project that was aimed solely at the Mega Man fanbase, as not just would they be able to play the prototype version so Capcom could receive some gamer input into the project, but they also allowed their fans to vote on the design for the main heroine in the game. This news came days after the San Diego Comic Con where Capcom’s reasoning was that it didn’t meet unspecified criteria at their company and production had to be discontinued, which could also be linked to the reasons why Mega Man Legends 1&2 and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne were never put on the PlayStation Network to promote the game. They also explained that this had nothing to do with Keiji Inafune’s absence from the company (This might be true considering that Mega Man Universe was cancelled while he was still working there ). In a message from one of the employees at Capcom, he stated: “We can only express our deepest apologies to all of you who have lent us your unending support, including participation in the Mega Man Legends 3 Developer Room. On behalf of the entire Legends team, please accept our sincere apology for failing to meet the expectations of the fans.”

Source: (Siliconera)

6 thoughts on “Mega Man Legends 3 Officially Cancelled”

  1. I hope Capcom gets booed at SDCC. It’s kind of funny considering last year’s SDCC was where we got our first big hint to MML3, and now this happens.

    I just want to know what “criteria” it supposedly did not meet, if any criteria actually exists. I get the feeling it’s just some sad excuse, especially considering we didn’t even get to play the prototype like they said we’d be able to.

    Oh Capcom. What happened to you? You go from the most awesome company to the laughingstock and ire of the internet in less than a year.

  2. Man, this was one of the reasons I bought the 3DS. 🙁 I was looking forward to this game so much. Man Capcom first universe and now this, I’m starting to think Capcom hates the little blue dude. Maybe It’s secretly because Keiji Inafune left?

    1. No duh Camcom hates him, the completely dropped him from MvC3 but still keeped Zero and Tron. SERIOUSLY TRON? Nothing has surprised me since then. Capcom is one of my favorite Companies, and it makes me really sad that they have been screwing up.

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