Petition To Save Star Wars Galaxies Fails

Somewhat relevant to the theme of the current marathon on TSG,  Star Wars Galaxies has not been granted a stay of execution after Sony responded to a several thousand strong petition to keep the game going.

They said in a statement given to GamePro that the decision to end the availablility of the game was a mutual one by both Sony and LucasArts. The increasingly-common Free-To-Play model was considered, but deemed unviable for the game, and could not be implemented. The full statement doesn’t explain more than what was originally announced, feeling slightly rehashed from the original announcement.

One of the more substantial reasons could be the release of The Old Republic on the horizon, LucasArts don’t want two conflicting IP’s on the market. Unfortunately, time is up for Galaxies, and any fans of the game may have to switch over.

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