U.S. Last Story Trademark Filed For

Trademarks aren’t always garauntees that a game will be coming to a given territory, but Nintendo has registered The Last Story, a wii exclusive RPG, for the U.S. The game has been confirmed for both Europe and has already been released in Japan so there really isn’t a great deal of localization that Nintendo would need to do to release it in America.

The kids over at Operation Rainfall have been trying to get several Wii-exclusive RPG’s released over in the U.S in what is a pretty huge drought for the Wii in general. Here’s to hoping that their efforts have led to an actual release of the intriguing RPG.

(Source: Gameinformer)

5 thoughts on “U.S. Last Story Trademark Filed For”

  1. The fact that this game has already been translated for Europe makes me a little more optimistic about its possible NA release after hearing this news. We’ll just have to see how things play out.

    1. It was made in 2010, but the reason the story was posted was because Status Update! On Tuesday, July 12, 2011, status on the NINTENDO THE LAST STORY trademark changed to NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE – ISSUED.

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