Capcom Announce Social Games Through Beeline

Capcom cancelled Legends 3 and have yet to localise a few games, however don’t worry! More information has come out announcing four of eight future casual games from their new publishing brand Beeline.

Among the licesnses gathered are Peanuts and the Smurfs, which are expected to be released over the next year for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Two games are due for release soon in the shape of Smurf Grabber – yes, those Smurfs – and Monster Pet Shop, with Dream Park just released. All are lined up to be free, with micro-transactions the source of funding.

The only other game slated for release is the tenatively titled Snoopy, but no solid release dates exist yet.

(Source: Gamespot )

9 thoughts on “Capcom Announce Social Games Through Beeline”

  1. I’m not even one of the fans whose super butthurt over the cancellation of MML3, but ugh… just ugh… even Nintendo has realized that casual is not the place to put focus at this point in the game.

  2. thank god MML3 was so overrated, at least capcom can still connect to the real hardcore gamer, I’ve been waiting for a new smurf game ever since i heard of that new hilarious movie coming out. Capcom, the one company in the game that knows how to get it’s priorities straight and talk to the most hardcore of hardcore gamers

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