Community Spotlight: Battledome

TheSpeedGamer’s community is filled with talented people. One of which being forum user JasefWisener who has helped produce and host “Battledome” on his local Alabama TV station CCTV55. If you’re into competitive gaming, you should check it out!

“Battledome is TV’s only spot for competitive gaming, gaming news, and more. In a similar vein to G4’s Arena, a competitive gaming show from the early 2000s, each episode of Battledome features a video game competition that you won’t see anywhere else on TV. The competitions include anything from the latest competitive multiplayer game, such as Halo Reach, or even a retro score competition, such as Space Invaders. Mixed throughout the gaming is the latest news in the world of video games, as well as interviews with the episode’s players.

So grab your snacks and get comfortable, and we’ll see you in the dome!”


To watch the pilot episode, click read more!


One thought on “Community Spotlight: Battledome”

  1. I think it’s pretty cool how they got this up on their local station! Hopefully it’ll get some attention and they can continue on with their show, as I’d love to see more. Jasef=BEASTMODE.

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