Notch Challenges Bethesda to Deathmatch over “Scrolls”

Notch has come up with a way that all lawsuits should be settled – a Quake 3 Deathmatch – to decide the outcome of the lawsuit issued by Bethesda’s lawyers.

Writing on his blog, the Minecraft Developer issued the challenge, asking Bethesda to choose three of their finest warriors against Mojang’s rather than the expensive way of in court. If Mojang won, the name of their new game would remain as Scrolls – if Bethesda won, it would be changed to something more Bethesda-Lawyer friendly. He also added at the end he could just add a disclaimer saying that Scrolls had nothing to do with The Elder Scrolls.

Is it wrong that I really, really hope they do this?

(Source: Gamepro )

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