Rumour: Nintendo working on a 3DS design

The news that the 3DS isn’t doing as stellar as Nintendo wanted shouldn’t be too surprising at this point. Followed by a $80 price drop with a 20 game compensation to anyone who bought the 3DS early, the latest news is that Nintendo is trying a complete overhaul of the 3DS to appeal to more people. Coming from the french gaming site 01net, the major update to the 3DS is the addition of a second analog stick, ideal for porting games from previous generations, along with a lessened focus on 3D as a gimmick and a new name (2DS?) The second analog controller would be part of the new model however it could also be sold separately as a peripheral to the existing 3DS model (just like Wii Motion Plus). The source also explained that this was one of the reasons for the large 3DS price cut, as it allowed Nintendo to build interest in the system and to get rid of old stock. Obviously this is still in the rumour stages so not much can be said right now other than that Nintendo has a press conference Sepbember 13th but keep in mind that 01net also correctly predicted the announcements of the WiiU and the PSVita before E3.

Source: (Joystiq)

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  1. I think all they need to do is make some better colour combinations honestly, I mean I really don’t think this is a Virtual Boy repeat but the film industry just makes 3D look cheesy. (YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY A MOVIE IS IN 3D, IT’S IMPLIED.)

  2. Welp, there goes any possibility of me buying a 3DS anytime soon. As much as I’d like to have one, I’m not in the habit of buying the same system more than once, which I’d no doubt end up doing if they made those kind of improvements to it this soon. I’ll probably hold off until sometime next year to buy one, or at least until this rumor is proven true or false.

  3. All I have to say is Vita ftw!! Nintendo get yo crap together already. I thought the “3DS Lite” wasn’t happening this gen. Forget it, should have known, just like the Wii U will have an “early” 2012 release even though everyone knows it’s not coming out til next holiday… >:/

    1. They’ve said a 3DS “Lite” wouldn’t happen for a few years, at least if I remember correctly.
      Certainly didn’t say anything about not happening though.

      As for Wii U release date, when did they say it would be early 2012? And who cares if it’s near Holiday season?
      Only problem with a Holiday release would probably be stock issues.

      1. The fact of the matter is Nintendo hardly ever keeps their word. Rumors about a new 3DS model when the system itself has not even been out for 6 months is just pathetic. Nintendo needs to innovate or just be left behind and die.

  4. Did everyone gloss over the part of the rumor where it said this would be sold as a peripheral to the existing 3DS or something? Gosh. Have fun not playing your 3DS’s and I’ll have fun playing OoT3D, Star Fox 64 3D, Paper Mario, Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Luigi’s Mansion 2.

    1. This comment makes me wish there was a like button.

      To anyone who believes the new console rumor, simply put, you’re an idiot. I’m sorry if that offends you, but yeah, you’re an idiot.

      1. And as I said, according to this very rumor, there’s absolutely no reason for existing 3DS owners to feel the need to buy this rumored new system as the rumored second analog would be a rumored peripheral for the existing 3DS.

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