Super Smash Bros. Board – The Fan-Made Board Game Experience

Is your Wii broken? Did a mutant chicken destroy all your copies of the Super Smash Bros. series? Have you, or have you ever wanted to get into an insane brawl without actually doing anything? Well now is your chance.

James Gabbard, Also know as JGab312 on Youtube. Has created “Super Smash Bros. Board”. You may be asking, “What is that?” Super Smash Bros. Board is a fan-made board game of the loved fighting game series, Super Smash Bros. Although you cannot buy a copy of this, you can make your own version! On his website he has released a .rar file with all of the things you need to create this stunning board game.

I’m sure it requires special paper of some sort, for the cards and board itself. A ten minute demonstration of it is up on Youtube, which I will kindly put down below.

The board game kind of reminds me of a mix of Pokémon Master Trainer and Monopoly mixed together. The concept of smash coins and the requirement of eight to fight Master Hand. While the board itself is Monopoly styled. The concept seems interesting, and you can even add your own characters to the game if you wish. The battle mechanics seem a little bland, so hopefully they are influenced more by Item Cards. Otherwise, I’d make changes and put diversity between the twelve characters.

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