TSG 24/7 returns Monday September 5th

TSG 24/7 is ready to return on Monday September 5th. For those of you that are unfamiliar with TSG 24/7, it is a live-stream of me (Britt) and other TSG members playing video games as well as hosting interactive gaming related shows. The feed will be hosted on live.TheSpeedGamers.com

Since I announced that TSG 24/7 would go on hiatus in April I’ve thought through a lot of ideas in order to make our next attempt more successful.  I really want to focus on gaming with the community, so multiplayer and cooperative games will play a big role in our shows. I want to feature a lot of free to play games so that it will be easier for the community to be involved. This time around there will be more structure with set schedules. However, even if something is not scheduled, there will still be a lot of bonus time where the stream will be used during unscheduled times.

Another change is the addition of a brief gaming news segment that I’ll start out each day with. I’m also looking to do a name change from the “TSG 24/7” moniker. While we will still be streaming around the clock, there will only be around 30 hours of scheduled shows during a one week period.  The TSG 24/7 name gives the expectation of new scheduled content around the clock.  What name do you think would fit better or are you satisfied with “TSG 24/7”?

The schedule below is subject to change. There will be some shifts added between now and September 5th. Scheduled times will be the same week to week for the most part, but the games being played will of course change.

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Week 1 schedule

Monday (5pm-8pm)

5pm-5:15pm News in Gaming

5:15pm-8pm MineCraft “Recreating Hyrule”  (Free to play)


Tuesday (5pm-8pm)

3pm-4:30pm  Cosmoid “2Free2Play” Age of Empires

5pm-5:15pm News in Gaming

5:15pm-8pm L4d2


Wednesday (5pm-8pm)

5pm-5:15pm News in Gaming

5:15pm-8pm HON (Free to Play)


Thursday (5pm-8pm)

3pm-4:30pm Cosmoid “Let’s get Physical”

5pm-5:15pm News in Gaming

5:15pm-8pm Chrono Trigger


Friday (3pm-8pm)

3pm-5pm  TBA

5pm-5:15pm News in Gamin

5:15pm-8pm Team Fortress 2 (Free to Play)

One Hell of a Weekend (Diablo II) – To kick off our first weekend we still start our own “TSG Ladder” on US West Ladder. To participate you will need to start a new character and post in the “One Hell of a Weekend” topic in our forums with your character name and a screen cap showing your character in the character selection screen (example in topic). From there you can keep us up to date with your level by providing screen caps. We will only be keeping up with the ladder for this weekend. There will be a status bar during downtime on the stream with the top 5 ladder members. On Sunday September 11th at midnight the ladder will end.

Saturday Noon-6pm Diablo II

More times TBA

Sunday  TBA





25 thoughts on “TSG 24/7 returns Monday September 5th”

  1. TSG 24/7 suits me just fine, and I’m extremely excited to have it back again! I’m also glad to see we’ll still have some more of you Let’s Playing games! Always a ton of fun.

  2. I saw this from Twitter on my phone and I had to dash and turn my computer on so I could properly comment. Congratulations, this got my lazy butt out of bed. *shot*

    At any rate, this is amazing news! I’d participate in the games but my computer’s not very strong :/ But I’m content with just watching all the same. 😀 Also totally looking forward to the LPs.

    As for the name, I second the TSG Live, but I’m also content with TSG 24/7.

  3. TSG 24/7 is one of the things that brought me to the site and I couldn’t be more pleased seeing it again! Take your time folks, I know you quit it in the first place because money was an issue (Or so I heard) so don’t go all in with it! Now, naming things, Around the Clock with TSG? Or just Around the Clock.

  4. YAY, i say keep it TSG 24/7. I really like TSG 24/7 because it gave me something to do at night when i needed a gaming fix and the news segment sounds awesome. Also will there still be a chatroom going during the day or will it just start up at night. Finally CHAO GARDEN

  5. I think it should be called TSG Uhce, pronounced like “Us” to emphasize the community involvement aspect. You can have commercials going to random people’s houses and being all like “Care to join Uhce for a game?” Then an epic dance party ensues. Then in like 5 years you can announce TSG Uhce Theigh.

  6. TSG Live is kind of an awkward fit, considering all the marathons are live with TSG too.
    If we’re just looking to name the 5:15-8:00 PM timeslot, then why not TSG After Dark? The community already recognizes it, and you can play that hilarious commercial for it. :3

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