Vita Delayed in US and EU Until 2012, Might be Sony’s Answer to WiiU

The PlayStation Vita is still on track for a holiday 2011 release, in Japan at least… Sony confirmed that the Vita will not launch outside of Japan in 2011, with a “Phased Global Release” starting there and reaching western shores in the beginning of next year.

Well, here’s a grain of salt for everyone- Apparently features found in the WiiU’s new tablet/controller would be possible on the PS3 using a PS Vita: Gyroscope, all physical controls, front and back touchpads/screens, game streaming, the works.

In combination with cross-platform gaming like with WipEout 2048 and WipEout HD as well as Continuation Play, where your PS3 saves can be instantly ported to your PS Vita system and you can continue on the go- Nintendo’s new system seems to have some direct competition right out of the gate, since both will be released in the same time frame of “sometime in 2012″…

(Sources: CVG and Eurogamer)

8 thoughts on “Vita Delayed in US and EU Until 2012, Might be Sony’s Answer to WiiU”

  1. If This is true, then arguably the biggest selling points for the Wii U will be available on the PSVita/PS3. That would be a huge hit for Nintendo.

  2. It seems like Sony is again trying to just be the first. Unfortunately, Nintendo brought out the press release for the features first. Now that I’ve let my Nintendo fandom loose, time to hold it for a bit. Sucks that the Vita got delayed. Let’s hope that everyone doesn’t get the 3G model, cuz that’s gonna really bog down the systems at AT&T, and that was after I talked to a person who works there.

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