New Humble Indie Bundle Avaliable

The Humble Indie Bundle is an amalgamation of games sold as part of a “pay what you want” package that has gone on to raise over 2 million dollars for charity over three biannual events. Despite the last Indie Bundle ending in August, there is a new bundle available that unlike the other bundles, only contains one game. The featured game is Frozen Synapse, a turn based tactics shooter that has received good reviews from the gaming media and can now be purchased for only a dollar (or more if you want). As part of the last indie bundle there was an added incentive to donate more money. This was done through Humble Indie Bundle 2 being an added bonus to anyone who donated more than the average donation at that time. The same process is being applied here, with anyone who buys Frozen Synapse for more than the average donations will also get the contents of the Humble Frostbyte Bundle as well (whose contents include Trine, both Shadowgrounds games, Jack Claw and Splot). The bundle closes in two weeks so if you’ve ever felt like getting Frozen Synapse, now’s your chance (It even comes with the soundtrack for free!) The official video detailing the bundle can be viewed after the jump.

Source: (Joystiq)

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