Rumour: Wii U Hardware Development Troubled

An anonymous source inside Nintendo told 01net, a website who’s most notorious claim to credibility was predicting the name of the PSVita as well as leaking the news of the now infamous second control nub peripheral for the 3DS, that the final architecture for the WiiU was rushed out of the door for E3 and that the chip set used for the model didn’t match up for the intended specs of the Wii U. This relates to problems with getting the Wii U tablets to work in the first place as after three prototype model, Nintendo’s engineers are still having problems getting the tablets to work correctly (a fourth prototype is currently in the works). These issues might eventually take a toll on the release date of the console as Nintendo, according to 01net’s source, originally planned to release it next June. 01net’s source claims September as the new launch window.

Source: (vg247)

7 thoughts on “Rumour: Wii U Hardware Development Troubled”

    1. I don’t think Nintendo will ever learn from their mistakes. I am a Nitendo fan boy through and through, but after as many years in the business as they’ve had, the 3DS launch titles were a ROOKIE mistake. A company this experienced, in theory should not have made such a big blunder. They have done it in the past, and I can predict with a fair amount of certainty that they’ll do it again. I guess we’re just going to have to roll with it, again…

  1. i say wait and im pretty sure all systems have problems in development, look at the PS3 they got that out the door and the first few models exploded!!!! I’d rather wait until the fall when i have money and they can sell huge amounts to the holiday crowd with a bunch of games than get a rushed out less than stellar console in April with no games and a broken tablet

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