Yosuke Saito confirms announcement in the Nier future

Nier was an Action RPG game released by Cavia last year. Despite having a high level of critical acclaim from the people who played it (Unless you were a games reviewer who didn’t know what they were talking about (I’m talking to you Joystiq)), it was greeted my moderately poor sales and ended up being Cavia’s swan song as the company merged into AQ interactive later that year. After directing his under-appreciated classic, Yosuke Saito remained under the radar while working at Square Enix up until he was allowed to direct Dragon Quest X. Despite being able to direct the latest game in the best selling RPG series in Japan, he is still teasing news regarding his cult classic. He left a message on his twitter account saying “Will there be an amazing announcement on Friday? Perhaps,” With #nier tags on all his related posts. After the games release various CD’s have been released remixing the games OST (Which is already pretty amazing) and while another CD would be welcome, considering how much the Saito has been talking about this here’s hoping for Nier 2 (Because if Drakengard can get a sequel then why not this?)

Source: (Siliconera)

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