Pokemon Gray Website Domain Registered

Reports have flooded in of the rumoured remake of Pokemon Black and White, tentatively titled Pokemon Gray getting it’s own website domain registered.

Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum are the rumoured special editions predecessors and are what is hinting heavily towards Gray being the fifth. The domain was registered by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services. Melbourne IT DBS was the same company that registered the name for the official Pokemon Black and White website also.

With no official statements as yet, it is yet to be seen whether this is a measure to stop someone squatting on the address, or an announcement over Pokemon Gray is due in the upcoming months.

(Source: IGN)


6 thoughts on “Pokemon Gray Website Domain Registered”

  1. This doesn’t “technically” mean anything, but we all know that it means quite a lot. Gray will likely be released a little less than a year from now in Japan, and this will be followed by Ruby and Sapphire remakes a year after that. Internationally, this means Gray in Early 2013 and Hoenn Remakes in Early 2014. QED. If I’m wrong, I will be surprised.

  2. This is quite a shock. I may have to go to the hospital for the heart attack from not suprised I am experiancing right now.

    I wish you could hear how dead pan I said that as I typed it in.

  3. Or for the DS with 3DS-exclusive enhancements? (if that is possible) (but really, that would be cool)

    I think it would be interesting if this “Grey” version was a direct sequel to Black & White. Maybe it could similar to the way GSC followed up RBY? Or maybe it’d have a story that would follow up the story of B&W and take place in Unova and maybe even a neighboring region. . . Unless that is being saved for the Gen VI games. . .

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