PS2 classics arrive on the PS3

For the most part, Sony should be commended for their work on the choice of PS1 games available on their latest games console. While the NA market is dwarfed in comparison to the amount of title that JP PSN has to offer, good titles continue to enter the system in a steady stream that Nintendo should take note of (EU PSN is still awful though).

This is why it is a nice surprise to see that Sony has released a new section on their HUD indicated “rare classic games”. This feature is currently represented by Odin Sphere, Grim Grimoire, Maximo: Ghosts and Glory, Ring of Red and God Hand, all PS2 games which will mark the first PS2 games to be seen on PSN in any region. It’s nice to see Sony recognising all the niché games the PS2 had and also marketing them so they can reach a new audience (My personal recommendations go to Grim Grimoire (A really well crafted RTS with a charming aesthetic to it) and God Hand (The manliest game ever made)) and I hope this move ends up paying off for them. The games are available from the North American PSN for $10 and here’s hoping to more great releases to the service (Fingers crossed for Sword of Etheria!)

Source: (Siliconera)

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