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Day 5 of OILD! Are you celebrating! You better! Just like you’d better be visiting the OILD ’11 Facebook page! Go, go! For the good of the city! Likewise, you’d better get into Fantasy Kingdoms! Those folks are being a huge help, so let’s give back, ok? Today’s “level” isn’t really a level, but a whole game! It’s Holiday Lemmings!

OH NO SOMEONE NUKED ALL OF THE LEMMINGS THIS ISN’T A HAPPY HOLIDAY AT ALL!!! Okay so seriously, Lemmings always struck me as a hilarious concept for a game.

Chances are you already know what Lemmings is about, but if not, here we go! Lemmings is a quirky little puzzle game that stars a squad of absent-minded creatures that mindlessly walk in one direction and never stop moving. Naturally, they’re named after the cute little rodents that are mistakenly believed to just leap off of cliffs for no reason. The goal is to get a certain percentage of the little idiots from the entrance to the exit within the time limit. How do you do this? Well, you have a set number of skills that you can assign to individual Lemmings, and these skills will help the whole group reach the end. Skills allow them to dig through the ground, block the others from moving onward, or gently float to the ground with parasols. Or you can just, you know, blow them up.

Holiday Lemmings was the exact same thing, only it had different maps and a winter theme. Snow covered the ground, snowmen were built along the maps, lights decorated the ceiling, and there was even a warm, cozy fireplace. The Lemmings themselves wore red Santa suits! And it had holiday music playing in the background! Heck yeah! These were all purely for aesthetic purposes, but hey, it’s all in good fun! The only thing funnier than an army of morons marching into lava? An army of idiots marching into lava IN SANTA SUITS. I’m pretty sure that’s etched into Mount Rushmore. Or is it the Lincoln Memorial? Oh well, if I get the funding I’m asking for, it’ll be on BOTH.

Hey dudes! I hope you’re not racing to your impending doom! Help them survive by getting the full wallpaper here!

Heck yeah, music! Ice Mountain is from Kid Dracula! What, not hardcore enough for you? Well how about Paradise ~ Deep Mountain, from The Touhou Project: Perfect Cherry Blossom?

Double heck yeah, remixes! Icy Peaks is Justus Johnston’s lovely violin rendition of Paradise ~ Deep Mountain! And how in the world could we forget the ever-awesome Ice Cold Retro, the Sonic 3 Ice Cap Zone remix Joshua Morse made for our OILD ’09 celebration? Both of these remixes rock, so snag ’em now!

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  1. Fun fact of the day: Lemmings was made by DMA Designs LTD. In 2002, DMA changed their name to Rockstar North. That’s right Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto were made by the same people. Have I blown your mind yet?

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