OILD – Icirrus City

Getting closer! Also I have gotten my Obligatory Ice Level wish, as Scruff has dubbed one of the Links “ByJove”! Thanks Scruff! You are a crazy person. AND FOR THAT, I LOVE YOU. Anyway, today’s ice level changes with the seasons! It’s Icirrus City, from Pokémon Black and White!

That’s right! The city associated with snow and ice!

Yeah, I know, everyone here already knows about Pokémon. But humor me, will ya? Pokémon Black and White make up the “5th generation” of games in the main series. As everyone knows, these games are about capturing powerful creatures and making them fight each other, working your way from town to town in order to beat each Gym Leader. Officially the game ends when you beat the mighty “Elite Four” trainers and the champion at the Pokémon League, but there are still tons of new places to explore and new monsters to catch even after that. You can use whatever monsters you want, name them whatever you want, and give them whatever attacks you want! It’s that level of customization that makes each playthrough unique and personal, and it’s why the game’s been so popular all these years. Black and White broke new ground by setting the games in a distant country, streamlining the whole battling process, and giving the story a running theme. They might even be my new favorite games in the series, and I’ve been playing since the original Red and Blue games!

Anyway, Icirrus City. The town has quite a few things to see. For example, the Pokémon Fan Club building has someone who can tell you how much your vicious little warrior-beasts love you, while another character will give you fabulous prizes if said vicious little warrior-beast has levelled up a lot since the time you captured it. There’s also a nutty dude who will pay you crazy amounts of money if you give him stone-like items. There are even four kids who endlessly dance in a circle! Because every game needs that. But what really makes this town unique is the weather! Black and White are the first games to feature seasonal weather effects, and Icirrus City is so far up north that it’s covered in snow every winter. How cute! The mounds of snow allow you to access areas you normally can’t reach, such as the top of the local gym. And speaking of which, the gym leader here is Brycen, a guy who specializes in–what else?–Ice-Type Pokémon! Whether it’s his brutal polar bear Beartic, his beautiful snowflake Cryogonal, or his deadly… ice cream… cone… Vanillish… Brycen sure knows his Ice-Types!

Aww, look at the Unova region’s little Ice Pokémon! So cute! Get the wallpaper in all its dot-eyed glory HERE!

Yay music! Ice Path is a foreboding theme from Pokémon Gold and Silver, and it was remixed for the remake, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver! Route 216 is from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as is Snowpoint City! And of course, Icirrus City is from Pokémon Black and White!

And yay remixes! I already mentioned Select Start’s rendition of Route 216, but it bears repeating! PokeRemixStudio also did this Route 216 remix, though I never could find a download link for it. Also, Kitty Cat has reminded me of Argent Vexemon, which is The Orichalcon’s remix of Ice Path! But that’s not all! See, we got one OILD remix this year. Sadly that doesn’t make a whole soundtrack, but this remix is too awesome for me to just leave alone! Our very own pkGamerB bestowed this wonderful Ice Path remix! Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Hey Jaz, I just saw your post about needing remixes for this year’s OILD Soundtrack, and I thought I’d send a remix I made a few months ago of the Ice Path theme from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal and HeartGold/SoulSilver, titled “Tedious Tundra (Ice Path)”. The name is inspired by the boulder pushing and ice sliding puzzles that fill Ice Path in the games, which can be pretty annoying at times (plus, alliteration is fun). This was always one of my favorite video game tunes as a child, so when I first started using FL Studio 10, this was one of the first songs I made with it. I tried to incorporate aspects of the HG/SS rendition of the track, while still remaining true to the original G/S/C version, along with adding my own personal flair. Hopefully I did it justice!”

Thanks so much! You rock 😀 Grab this glorious remix right here, folks!: pkGamerB – Tedious Tundra (Ice Path)

I hope you all are ready for some Zelda madness! I’m gunning for that spot as Purple Link in Four Swords. I MUST BECOME HIM. HE IS THE NIGHTMARE TROLL. IT IS TRADITION.

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  1. Man, PK is the bomb. Way to go dude!

    Glad to see my suggestion for Ice Path got combined with this special OILD day since it’s all about Pokemon! Love it. 😛

  2. Thanks for the kind words guys, and great wallpaper, Ana! I always thought it was pretty cool how Icirrus City changed so drastically when winter arrived. Also, I remember stumbling across that PokeStudioRemix version of Route 216 a while back, and it’s one of my favorite interpretations of that song.

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