OILD – Snowhead Temple

Hey there! Well, tomorrow the stream takes over the blog, so I figured to do this stage now! It’s from Britt’s favorite game… assuming Skyward Sword doesn’t take that spot. It’s Snowhead Temple, from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

Oh like you couldn’t see this from a mile away!

Well, we’re about to play some ZELDA, so ZELDA I shall explain! The Legend of Zelda games of course tend to revolve around three fated beings: the hero of courage, the princess of wisdom, and the villain of power. It’s up to the hero, Link, to save the day! While most Zelda games take place in Hyrule, some of them do focus on different lands, and Majora’s Mask is one of them. After the events of Ocarina of Time, the young Link finds himself in a land called Termina. Suddenly, a mischievous Skull Kid wearing a bizarre mask shows up, steals Link’s horse, and turns him into a plant-monster known as a Deku Scrub. What’s more, Termina’s clearly about to be crushed by a creepy moon with a face. Using a set of magical masks, the kid learns how to change into different forms and decides to stop the Skull Kid and save this crazy island from being smashed. The game takes place entirely within a three-day cycle, and the events always repeat themselves within that cycle. When the night of the final day draws near, you have to restart from the morning of the first day. That is, until you can finally track down that Skull Kid yourself!

Snowhead Temple is one of the game’s four dungeons. At first it looks as if a giant, unforgiving wind is pushing you away from the temple, and you can’t get in. However, using the magical Lens of Truth reveals… a giant rock-monster? Yes, it’s a gigantic Goron, and it’s invisible, and it’s constantly blowing cold air at you. Sure, why not? Once you get him out of the way, you can enter. The dungeon itself has its fair share of ice, and oddly enough it has some lava to boot! At the end of it, you’ll find Goht, a giant mechanical goat-beast that runs around like a maniac. Fortunately, Link can turn into a Goron himself, and that rocky form comes with the sweet ability to roll around on the ground. By quickly rolling after it, Link can easily defeat Goht and move onward.

WHY WAS THERE A GIANT INVISIBLE GORON??? Anyway, get the full wallpaper here!

MUSIC TIME! Ice Path is from Ocarina of Time! Snowhead Temple’s theme is naturally from Majora’s Mask! And Snowpeak, Snowpeak Ruins, Snowboarding and Blizzetta are from Twilight Princess!

NOW REMIX TIME! Chekan Winter is a remix of Northern Hemispheres from Donkey Kong Country, and it’s by Jason Covenant! And ChristmasCave is a remix of Ice Cave Chant (also from DKC) and it’s by Deimos!

And to keep with the theme, here’s Kylethedarkn’s rad Snowpeak remix!: Frozen Wasteland

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  1. WHOAAAA TSG!!! 😛

    It’s always great to see Majora’s Mask get some love, it’s my second favorite Zelda game. Great job to Ana on the wallpaper, and also to Kyle on the remix. I really like the ambience and slow build up of the background effects.

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