The amount of marathons we do each year

The amount of marathons we do a year has been a hot topic amongst the community. These last 2 years have been very busy for our personal lives. Many of us have gone through big transitions. Several of us got married, moved, entered and exited college or grad school, got new jobs, ect… All of this partially played a roll in the amount of marathons we had as well as us trying to find a sweet spot in terms of comfort for both the players and viewers.

In 2008 we hosted 8 marathons, 6 for charity; 2009 7 marathons, 6 for charity; 2010 6 marathons, all for charity; 2011 4 marathons all for charity; in 2012 we only have 2 scheduled, Pokemon and June and Mario and December but we are looking to schedule another marathon in September or October. In 2013 we are wanting to try out a quarterly format, a marathon every 3 months.(March, June, September, December).

We are coming off the heels of arguably our biggest 72 hour marathon and we see that even though our marathon was hugely successful our forums still drop off in activity after several weeks because of the huge gaps in between marathons. What we are trying now is using the marketing team to coordinate forum events to keep the community more lively and working together. You will see announcements soon regarding these events.

What would you like to see as a community member? More marathons? Do you think having the marathons quarterly will be enough? One thing we will have to wait and see is how the community events unfold. This could have some impact on the questions I just asked. All input is wanted and needed.

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  1. I think that quarterly marathons would be enough if we were to have community events distributed throughout them (such as the Community Month stream each year, FanFests, and other events from the Marketing Team).
    Oh year, and I’m really starting to get excited over what the Marketing Team has planned for us. I’m really looking forward to it 😀

  2. I know I’m more “staff” than “community member,” but I’m still pushing for “more personalized content from the entire staff.” Phil and Bear’s cooking show was a great idea, and if possible, they should turn it into a regular Youtube series for TSG’s blog and channel. Rob had his countdown videos and Toast had his articles, too. I think everyone would like for all the staff members to come up with their own personal projects to post! No single person would be pressured into constantly posting, but rather the huge staff could split up the posting schedule if everyone did their own thing every once in a while.

    Also, perhaps we could do a regular “minithon” of sorts. Not a charity marathon, but not quite a TSG Presents either. Rather, a live show for the front page of the blog where we take turns streaming different games. No set theme really, just each of us play a game of our choosing for maybe an hour or two. This not only could make up for downtime of the big marathons, but also be fun for the staff and fans, and also help us cover games we otherwise couldn’t use for a proper marathon (one-shot games, visual novels, etc.)

    Again, I know I’m not quite a “community member,” so I’ll ask you all, the community: do these sound like good ideas? Please let us know what you think! Not just about my ideas, but any ideas you have! It may not seem like it, but limiting the cooldown during downtime is still pretty important for the charities. It keeps people coming back, which gets our name out there and lets potential donators know who we are and how much fun we have here!

    1. Oh yeah, “Superstar Lobster Dance Party” was one of my favorite shows.

      But also I’d like to say I like the idea of minithons to supplement the main marathons.

  3. These “breaks” in between marathons are huge. Especially, for the kids. I know that all the TSG people have real lives to take care of but you really have to schedule more marathons each year or you risk dying out. Of course, there will always be the “loyalist” members that come back because we love TSG, but as for new members they might watch half of a marathon then never come back because the next marathon is in half a year…they could completely forget about TSG in that time. I think we have to look at the TSG presents as proof of this. Last year after the Pokemon Retrothon when Presents went live everyday we had 325-400 people watching everyday. Then it went on hiatus for a while. I see now when someone streams there might be 20 people online unless it’s Britt maybe a little more than 50 people. I don’t mean to be rude or harsh I am just telling you the facts the more marathons you guys do the more new member you will have coming in. For now, TSG could be a lot bigger than it already is to start helping this out I would suggest more community nights on the fridays.

  4. Could be a daft idea, but nevertheless worth posting.

    Set up another branch to help you, say located in a different time zone, then from their either spend half as much time each on each timezone, meaning more time overall for other things, or have each group run a seperate marathon so can have more marathons either way.

    I know alot of people tune in for the familiar faces and to see their favourite gamers, but I think you should probably somehow figure out how to run more marathons. I can imagine that alot of forum users and fans would probably run one for you guys.

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