TSG Writecast Episode 4 – Vita vs. 3DS

The PlayStation Vita is right on the horizon. Oculin, Cosmoid, etcspectre, and GrimsChild decided to sit down and look at the Vita’s launch as well as where the 3DS stands today, nearly a year after launch.

Apologizes for the quality. There were some issues with the original recording.

One thought on “TSG Writecast Episode 4 – Vita vs. 3DS”

  1. Good podcast. As for me, I’ve really been enjoying my 3DS–it’s pretty much become my de-facto gaming platform and I’ve been sinking a lot of time into using it lately. It started off slow with just stuff like Pilotwings, Star Fox, and Ocarina of Time 3D, and a few Virtual Console games like Link’s Awakening DX (which of course were all fine, but it was just sparse pickings at first) but it’s really picked up since then:
    -Cave Story 3D: A pretty good remake of the game from what I’ve played so far–I really love the new look of stuff like Mimiga Village (all the foilage and stuff there is great~) and the Cemetery (the background effects in places like here and Sand Zone are nice). Only got up to Sand Zone before putting this on hold for other things, but I’ve liked it so far.

    -Doctor Lautrec & The Forgotten Knights: Interesting puzzle/adventure game with plenty of content. Hate the stupid stealth/block-pushing combination puzzles, but other than those, I enjoy it, particularly the 3D effect of the overworld Paris map (and the 3D in general, really) and the characters/story of the game. Definitely an acquired taste though; you’ll either like it or you won’t, particularly because of those stealth sections I mentioned.

    -Super Mario 3D Land: Another fine Mario platformer game. Really enjoyed it.

    -Mario Kart 7: Potentially my favorite Mario Kart game yet. Just love stuff like Rainbow Road and driving around in first person~

    -Nano Assault: An excellent dual-stick shooter with great graphics that can be gotten very cheaply ($20 MSRP) these days.

    -Pushmo: Excellent puzzle game from Intelligent Systems on the eShop. Tons of puzzles included and replayability is extended further through user-created levels shared through QR codes.

    -Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy: A remake of Ace Combat 2 and my first entry into the series and really the genre as a whole. Really enjoyed what I’ve played of it so far.

    -VVVVVV 3D: Really, just a port of the PC version of the game with 3D slapped on, but I still really enjoyed going through it again and thought the 3D effect worked pretty well, aside from the black space backgrounds the game uses naturally causing some cross-talk problems.

    -Zen Pinball 3D: Excellent pinball game on the eShop with great graphics; like what I’ve played of this so far.

    -Mutant Mudds: Good platformer on the eShop. It was kicking my butt though, because I suck, and I didn’t finish it because I put it on hold so that I could start playing through Resident Evil: Revelations. I’ll try to get back to it after that though, because I do enjoy it, despite my totally sucking at it.

    -Resident Evil: Revelations: My first entry into the series and really survival-horror as a whole (the only other thing I’ve played myself that really comes close is Left 4 Dead 2; other than that, I’ve pretty much stayed away aside from watching my first-year college roommates playing through REmake, RE4, and RE5). I couldn’t really get into the previous Resident Evil games myself, and L4D2 really wasn’t my thing either, but I’m really enjoying Revelations so far, which is probably helped by stuff like the episodic structure, ditching stuff I thought were stupid like the Ink Ribbon/Typewriter saving system, focusing on horror, and just so far having a great setting, good gameplay (playing with Control Setting A + Gyrometer aiming controls on full 3D and having no problems) and great graphics. Oh, and I’ve played a bit of Raid Mode, and like what I’ve played so far of that as well. Really wasn’t expecting to like this at all, and almost didn’t get it until Capcom dropped the price right before launch and I decided to get it on a whim (plus the demo leaving a good impression on me), but it’s been great so far.

    As for upcoming stuff, there’s a good amount of stuff coming up as well on the 3DS I’m interested in:
    -Rhythm Thief: An interesting looking rhythm game made my Sega. Not sure if I’ll pick this up yet, but right now it’s looking likely that I will.
    -Crush 3D: A remake of a platformer originally on the PSP. Never played that one, but from what I’ve seen of the gameplay videos of this remake, it looks pretty interesting, so I’m planning on getting it.
    -Rayman Origins port: Not sure about this yet, since I do already have the game for my Wii. I did really enjoy it though and am tempted to double-dip because of that, especially since if that version is actually any good, it will probably be the one I’d be tempted to keep. But we’ll see–looking forward to the demo being added to the eShop whenever to help me decide (and yay for Nintendo to actually start bothering with demos, as they are helpful with making these kind of decisions).
    -Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: I’m intrigued by the idea of the game and it doesn’t look that bad, so I’m thinking about getting this right now.
    -Kingdom Hearts 3D: I’m a fan of the series, and this one looks great, and is supposed to be another significant, non-numbered entry like Birth By Sleep, so yeah, looking forward to this right now.

    And then of course, there’s also stuff like Layton 5, Ace Attorney vs. Professor Layton, Paper Mario 3D, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Animal Crossing 3D, etc, so yeah, plenty of stuff coming that I’m interested in.

    As for the Vita, I’m probably not going to get it, at least not yet. It’s just too expensive right now, I don’t have the money to buy a new system right now regardless, and there’s no must-have titles on it for me (which I’m fine with, since I don’t need to be tempted into buying it). Were stuff like money to not be an issue, I am curious about stuff like Gravity Daze, Escape Plan, Wipeout, and Super Stardust, but it is and I’m not too strongly interested in any of those, so it can wait for now.

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