JD’s Journey to Pokémon Master: Johto

Hey hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay in this weeks update. It took me a bit longer to make my way through the Ice Path then it should have. I ended up getting swarmed by all the Delibird in the cave.
The look in their eyes when they saw all of the prizes I’m making…they probably wanted them to use as presents for their sacks! Luckily my Pokémon were leveled enough so they took care of it. But let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.

Anyways, onto the pictures!



When I had originally cut these badges out to the current size in this picture, I got really close to the lines on both the Fog and Storm (the two badges in the middle on both sides) badges. This was before I had decided to use the scroll saw to do the dirty work, so I was using a circular saw to get them cut out of the group of 8.
Once I got so close to the lines on those two, I figured I needed to find a better way. So I ended up doing everything with the scroll saw, and sanding it all down to get it perfect.

One thing I noticed while cutting these badges out was that many of them have the same shape in each generation, the plain circle shape and also the heart shaped badges are in most of the Gens. So I’ve been trying to take extra precaution in keeping all of the badges separate so I don’t end up with two or three of the same badges!

Since I’m a week behind on updates I’ll be doing another post later this week where I’ll be revisiting the Kanto region since I was finally able to update my PokéGear and everything is in color!

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