JD’s Journey to Pokémon Master: Kanto

Hey guys! As I said in my last post, this week I’m unveiling one of the prizes I’m making for the Pokéthon this June.

Besides setting out in every game to catch ’em all, you also have to travel through the whole region battling every gym leader in order to collect…

 Pokémon badges!



When I first started this project a while ago I was originally going to carve all of them out by hand. After working on a few failed badges, I quickly came to realize that I wouldn’t be able to get the project done in time if I was spending the 3-8 hours required on each badge just to get them carved out!

So instead I ended up using a scroll saw in order to get everything cut out to size.

Using the scroll saw ended up cutting down the time from hours of work on one badge to all 8 badges getting done in a little under an hour.

I’m still working on finding some good paint to use on the badges, so next week I’ll be setting my sights on beating all the leaders in Johto!

4 thoughts on “JD’s Journey to Pokémon Master: Kanto”

  1. You got all 8 badges of Kanto in just a couple of big minutes. Ash took a whole year to get em yall.

    Clearly we know who is the ultimate master!

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