Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Revenge of the Cels

Who wants prizes? YOU want prizes! With awesome artists like Icarus, Skulldog, Meeellla, jdtwins and Calvin and the Calvinette making amazing giveaway art, I realized I wasn’t going to just sit back and let them have all the fun. Thus, we get REVENGE OF THE ANIMATION CELS: THE ANIMATION CEL-ENING

This time, the cels will be given away as raffle prizes, either individually or part of some kind of prize package. We haven’t worked that part out yet. But either way, this time everyone has a better chance of getting a cel! There are 7 in total, so let’s see what we got here! Also I apologize for the horrible photos. This camera isn’t very good. Just click on the thumbnails to get a closer look (I AM SAYING THIS BECAUSE I ASSUME YOU’VE NEVER USED AN INTERNET BEFORE)

First, it’s Mew! The first-ever event Pokémon will be given away within the first 24 hours of the marathon, so you’d better donate right away if you want to catch it!

Then we have Dragonite! The original dragon will be given out on the second day, so keep an eye out!

Next is Skarmory! The terrifying metal bird will be flying in on the third day.

SPHEAL! It’s round, it’s squishy, it has dot eyes, and it’ll roll in on the fourth day!

After that is Cranidos. This blast from the past is available on the fifth day!

Hey there, Deino! Looking adorable! The cute little evil dragon could be all yours on the sixth day.

And finally, Victini! This cute little monster will celebrate another great TSG victory on the seventh and final day of the marathon! YAY VICTINI!

So there are all the cels. Though hmm, do the Pokémon seem… off to you? I don’t remember them usually being those colors…

5 thoughts on “Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Revenge of the Cels”

  1. What will it take to obtain that Shiny Cranidos? Donating? Aw okay. Guess this means the heist is off.

    Great Cel art Ana! It’s ravishing as always. They’ll be given some pretty good homes when the week comes and goes. 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m sorry if this is a rude or odd question/request, but I don’t have any money to donate, but I do make Pokemon cellcharms and I’d be happy to offer one as a possible raffle item if it would help you raise any money. My gallery is here to show you what I mean: http://chibisilverwings.deviantart.com/gallery/25514283

    I completely understand if you guys are already all set for prizes or would rather not outsource the whole process, but if you do end up wanting to take me up on it, please feel free to email me ChibiSilverWings @ gmail.com because I’d love to help you guys raise some money!

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