It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That time when penguins show up everywhere, when you can pick up frosty superpowers, and when the icy wind can easily push you ever! Yep, it’s OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY!

Wait, you’ve never heard of Obligatory Ice Level Day? Well then, you’re in for some fun!

OILD celebrates that staple of video games, the ice level. You’ve seen those before, right? Ice and snow everywhere, polar bears and yetis try to attack you, and the music usually lets you know that they’re either in a winter wonderland or an isolated frozen hell.

Want more info? Get it here!: http://oild.thespeedgamers.com/

I’ve been posting about ice levels every year for a while now! It’s become kind of a tradition here at The Speed Gamers! You can check out previous OILDs here, here, and here! Every day I will be posting about a different level, complete with screenshots, write-ups, artwork, original songs, remixes, and even some bonus content!


OILD serves two purposes! The first is to reward TSG’s community with some fun downloads and links, but the second is promotion! The Mario marathon for the Make A Wish Foundation starts on December 14th, and we’re giving away a Wii U and some other great prizes! You should definitely spread the word about that! But some people won’t want to be reminded of this awesome event every single day. With OILD, you can post about the updates, and when people check the site and join in the fun, they’ll see me mention the marathon and the prizes! Sneaky, huh?

I have a thread in the forums right now, and every day you can post proof that you spread the joy of OILD! This will get you an entry to win some downloadable games. You can get one entry a day, so if you do this every day until the marathon, you can get 12 entries! Neat huh?

However, you can get an extra entry! Up until the marathon, have some holiday fun with ice levels! Go ice level caroling, draw your favorite ice level, make a small video of a level, make OILD decorations, whatever you want! Post it somewhere public to promote the marathon, and post about it in the forums!

I’m posting the first ice level in just a bit, so stay tuned!

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