TSG’s Week Ahead (1/30)

We’ve got a couple of new tidbits of information about our Mega Man Marathon (March 8-11). Jazz is looking to play one of the DOS versions of Mega Man. Right now I’m working on getting DOS box setup so that we can make this happen. If you haven’t seen the game, it’s atrocious and it should be a  hilarious run for the marathon. Toast is also considering picking  up an X game or two to expand the catalog of games we are playing. We are only missing X5,X6 and X7 from the main series. With Toast playing one or two of these games we will be close to  clearing the entire franchise. Things are really coming together for this event with a little over a month to go. Any promotion that you guys can give the marathon would be much appreciated!

Jumping ahead to our next event, Final Fantasy, we will be starting on a Monday this time around, June 24- July1. I’m posting about this so early because this will be the first time we have started an event on any other day besides Friday. So mark your calendars now,  MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY June 24- July 1.

A couple of months ago I made a thread talking about wanting to game for 2 new charities and 2 previous charities in 2013. This March we are gaming for Rocking H Ranch and for Final Fantasy we will be gaming for ACT Today. This leaves us with the last 2 marathons and 2 new charities to game for. What causes and charities would you like to see us play for?

Other news:

-My monthly stream to give thanks to all of our contributors will be Sunday February 10th at around 3pm central.

-Our last two days of community stream month are tonight and tomorrow on live.thespeedgamers.com.


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