Sketchin’!! – Squishy Cobra vs. A Donut



Excuse me, were you acting like you didn’t need a squishy cobra trying to eat a donut? Because you’re wrong!

If you think this is cute, then go ahead and vote for this design over at! Voting only has about a week to go, and I need to get this little guy’s score up if I want to win! If it wins, it’ll be made into a real plush and sold on the site, and if that happens, I’ll totally bring the squishy cobra to future marathons. So get in there, give it a 5 downvote all the others and let’s win this thing!

One thought on “Sketchin’!! – Squishy Cobra vs. A Donut”

  1. I voted the poop out of it, snakes are the bomb but every time I try to squish one in real life I get all this hassle about how hard it is to find anti-venom. UGH men, amirite.

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