OILD Day 2 – Battle Glacier

Day 2 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! Sometimes it’s okay to take things slow, but other times, you need to do the right thing as quickly as possible. That’s why today’s ice level is Battle Glacier, from Freedom Planet!

ice-freedomplanetWhat started as a Sonic fan game quickly grew into its own story, with its own world and characters. Freedom Planet began life as a game about Dr. Robotnik terrorizing talking animals (as per tradition) but as time went on, the main characters were replaced with an all-new cast. The adventure revolves around three heroes; Lilac the dragon, Carol the wildcat, and Milla the dog. When the evil alien Lord Brevon crash lands on the planet of Avalice, he hatches a scheme to turn three nations against each other and steal the Kingdom Stone, the world’s main source of power. The trio has to team up to stop Brevon and retrieve the stone, or else lose it forever.

Battle Glacier is one of the last stages of the game, and it’s pretty intense. By this point, the good guys have taken the fight to Brevon, backed up by the armies of two of the kingdoms. After riding in on TANKS AND A GIANT DRAGON (SWEET!!!) they enter one of Brevon’s fortified zones. As you can probably guess, the place is crawling with his robotic weapons. However, you can break through and plunge further into enemy territory thanks to the giant ice blocks that appear and the big rocky slopes you can slide down. However, the moment you get to the fortress, Brevon’s ship lands to attack. This fight is tough, but if you win, you can bust into the compound and push forward. This time the battle’s really heating up, with tons of robots and kingdom soldiers fighting in the background. The building has even more enemies in it, not to mention some weird little puzzles. When you reach the end, you have to do battle with Dail, the brainwashed prince of one of the kingdoms who–uhh, never mind. Just play the game!

oild-battle-glacier-tDRAGONS RARARAR (yes that’s a dragon)! Get the full wallpaper here!

You bet we have music too! Battle Glacier 1 and Battle Glacier 2 are the two songs that play during this stage. Snowfields plays during the cutscenes, and Schmup Stage plays when you’re riding into the glacier on TANKS AND A GIANT DRAGON.

And remixes! Intercept is by Nutritious and it’s a remix of Schmup Stage, so just imagine riding TANKS AND A GIANT DRAGON. And given that old Sega games inspired Freedom Planet’s creation, here’s Snow, a remix of Diamond Dust Zone from the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast, and it’s by Jivemaster! Stars on Ice is by DusK and Rexy, and includes Ring Rink from Ristar! The Polar Express is by DCT and it’s a remix of Take the Snow Train, from NiGHTS Into Dreams!

… okay fine, I’ll post ONE Ice Cap Zone remix. This version is by Ace Waters!

Hopefully this is putting you all in the mood for some charity and goodwill. After all, there’s a marathon coming up. Until then, tune in to see what ice level we have tomorrow.

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